Help Meet an Immediate Need

These needs represent some of the most crucial projects in the 28 nations where Compassion works to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Other Important Projects

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Sanitary Kitchen Facilities

Kitchens are essential in
our child development centers. This space is
where healthy meals are cooked for children in poverty. Often times these children would not have
had food to eat if it were not for the meals cooked in these kitchens. Learn More

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Computer Resource Center

Can you imagine getting the knowledge you need without a computer to access the internet or without a library? In Ghana, 118 elementary schools lack

a computer resource and a library. Learn More

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Classroom Improvements in Bolivia

Right now classrooms in this schoolhouse are in need of finished windows, floors and walls. These repairs will keep the children warm in the winter time, protect them from disease bearing insects which now have access into the classroom, and give children an environment where they can focus on their studies. Learn More